[ Video ] Zero Waste: first 5 easy steps

New year, new life, new updates on my sustainable lifestyle project. (Don't really like the word "project". I think the world needs less projects -which have a start and end- and more long term commitments.) So, let's try this again: updates on my sustainable lifestyle commitment. (Yeay!) Zero Waste was the first thing that really got me thinking about sustainability and I gladly report that I incorporated more Zero Waste ideas into my everyday life. These are actually 5 super easy peasy things you can start doing literally right now to reduce your waste. (Scroll down for the vid if you can't be bothered to read. [Lazy bastard!] )

1. Use rags instead of paper towels

zero waste first steps

This was the very first thing I did after I decided to reduce waste: ripping an old bed sheet into little rags and using them instead of paper towels. So easy and best decision ever!!

2. Use handkerchieves instead of paper tissues

zero waste first steps

Yess!! Handkerchieves! So fancy! So zero waste. Is it weird to blow your nose in public with a handkerchief? It sure is. At first. But you'll get used to it.

3. Use tote bags instead of plastic bags

zero waste first steps

I've been using tote bags for shopping forever. However, now I always carry a tote bag with me for whenever I want to pick up something spontaneously. Previously, I would just get a plastic bag from the store in these cases. Not any more!

4. Use cotton bag as produce bags

zero waste first steps

I still get a lot of my groceries from the supermarket and I've always hated having to use these flimsly plastic bags for me fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I would put them all in one bag and just stick the stickers with the weight and price on it. However, using cotton bags is definitely the less wasteful option. (I haven't used them, yet. So, I'm still curious to see how the cashier reacts lol.)

5. Use glass tupperware to store food

zero waste first steps

Previously, I would use zip up plastic bags for anything I opened and needed to be stored in the fridge: cheese, ham, herbs, anything. Such a waste of plastic bags! Now, everything goes into my tupperware.

I also made a little video about it: :)