8 things that make me happy

what makes me happy

1. Going out for a beer. It's literally so easy to make me happy. 😂

2. A neck massage. Just the neck, though. I hate back massages. Don't touch my legs, either. Foot massage is fine again.

3. Cutting my nails. Very satisfying.

4. Browsing through a magazine. Especially the first browsing right after picking up a new magazine makes me very happy and excited at the same time.

what makes me happy

5. Scents, fragrances, smells. Perfumes, fragranced candles, the smell of freshly baked bread, of freshly cut grass, of onion frying in a pan... anything! I like to smell things!

6. Handwriting. Writing with a nice pen in a nice notebook is something I utterly enjoy.

7. Anything that combines fruits / berries + chocolate.  I'm not too much into sweet things. But this combination really gets me.

8. Pizza & a movie. Standard. But it NEVER fails.