Why we need feminism and why it can't just be "humanism"

The other day, my boyfriend and I saw the movie "Ex Machina". Which is a decent movie. I enjoyed it. And after watching it, I casually commented: "... well, it was quite sexist, though." Which seemed very obvious to me. (Super mega male genius creates a female robot, who then betrays him.) And off he went: "You see sexism everywhere. You are a feminazi. Why does everything have to be a feminist issue?" I kinda understand that probably, as a man, you're not capable to fully grasp the female condition. Sad truth is that sexism IS everywhere and that YES allot of issues in this world are, indeed, feminist issues.

On top of that - of course, like so many times before and like so many others - he complained about the term "feminism". "Why can't it just be 'human rights'?"


It can't. Yes, feminism is part of the human rights. However,

if I say I'm a feminist, I specifically acknowledge that there is an injustice in this world concerning gender. And that this injustice targets women.

Do you believe in equality of the sexes? Well, you're a feminist.

I think it was Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (of course) who gave - this or a similar - example:

Imagine you ask someone what he does for a living and he answers that he fixes people's teeth. "So, you're a dentist?" You might ask. "Oh no no no, this term is far too radical for me!"

Doesn't make sense, right?

You fix people's teeth, you're a dentist. You believe in equality of men and women, you're a feminist.

We should all use the word "feminist" more often. Unapologetically.




I also really want to write about something I get allot of comments on. (In real life. Not on this blog, as you can easily see. Comment, people!!! Don't be shy! Let's have conversation!) So many times I was told that I can't be a "real" feminist if I'm into beauty and fashion. This outrages me!! Keeps your eyes peeled for a rant next Monday! 😄