Let's sit down and talk. (3 things you need to know about this blog.)


I've been fine-tuning this blog for a couple of months now. I put allot of thought into my topics. Into what kind of products I mention. Into the ideas I want to convey. It wasn't easy to find an angle I felt comfortable with. I first wanted my blog to be really political and feminist. But it didn't feel like me. Then, I wanted to write only about lifestyle topics. But it didn't feel like me.

I wanted to write about what felt authentic and genuine.

I am a feminist.

But I also enjoy shopping, women's magazines and expensive perfume.

How could I ever combine these things?

Well, this is how:

 1. LIFE

This category is the most personal one, as I let you peek into my life. Into my home, my daily life, my travels and my mind.


We're gettin' materialistic here. This is about fashion&beauty, which are delicate topics for a feminist. I carefully select what kind of brands I talk about. The criteria are always that they have to be forward-thinking when it comes to sustainability, organic lifestyle and environmental & social issues, especially gender roles. I am aware that no brand fulfills all criteria, but I'm happy if they meet one. Again, I particularly focus on women empowerment. Any brand that is with me on this will catch my attention.


Girl power all the way! There are so many inspiring and powerful women out there who do amazing things! This is where I homage them.

This blog might evolve in another direction, at some point, but right now it feels good and real and very me.

I hope you're with me in this journey!

Love, Adele