"All girls to the front!!"


This cool lady here is Kathleen Hanna. Musician, artist and activist. And subject matter of the documentary "The punk singer", which I highly recommend watching. And even if punk music is not really the genre I usually listen to -all my respect for punk rock and the impact it had on culture and society, though-, I was immediately drawn to this documentary as soon as I heard about it. (This is, last week and 2 years after its release. I am so up to date *duh*.)

This is the trailer to get you in the mood:

I kinda heard of "Bikini Kill" - Kathleen Hanna’s band. And the "Riot Grrrl" movement and well, Kathleen Hanna, but it’s not like they are part of the mainstream cultural consciousness. (Did I just make up this term?)

You hear so much about the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, the Clash, but hardly any female punk band is part of the conversation. And, ca-pow! There is Kathleen Hanna, loud, aggressive and very powerful. Everything girls are usually not. (Still not.)

One of the scenes that particularly impressed me was Kathleen Hanna demanding at a show that all the girls should come to the front. The very practical reason was to get them away from all the moshing and pushing and create a physical space where women could be safe. But it makes sense on so many levels. Girls stay way to often in the back (literally and metaphorically). Girls, come to the front!!

Be powerful!

… and listen to the empowering "The Punk Singer" soundtrack: