Tavi Gevinson - fashion icon, feminist and best friend (ha, wishful thinking!)


What could I say about Tavi Gevinson that hasn't already been said? Actually, I kinda must have lived behind the moon to not know about her until a year ago. Like, seriously.

Just a quick recap for my fellas, who also live behind the moon. Tavi became famous for her fashion blog "Style Rookie" and for dressing like this at the age of 12:

Tavi Gevinson

And then, she started to hang out with Anna Wintour, as you do:

Tavi Gevinson and Anna Wintour

And then, she founded the groundbreaking & simply awesome "Rookie Magazine". Which I enjoy reading so much! With 32! I wish something like that was around when I was a teenager.

I know, I know, I did end up saying stuff that has already been said, but all comes down to one thing: this girl is ever inspiring for girls and women of all ages.

Be bold, be fearless, go meet Anna Wintour!

Newest news: Tavi is featured in the 2016 Pirelli(!) calendar. Definitely check it out if you missed the hype around it. The pictures were taken by Annie Leibovitz and the models are wonderful women like Yoko Ono and Serena Williams (and Tavi Gevinson). Yep, the future is now.