"Tall girl wearing heels" or "Is this a travesti?"

I'm 176cm tall (that's 5'9" or something, do the maths, google sucks). Anyway, a tad too tall to be cute and sweet. I've always been the tallest girl, like aaalways. In kindergarten, I remember, I had to do the boy-part whenever there was a dance-related activity going on. I did not like that. I also didn't like that my crush in 7th grade was shorter than me (or rather that I was too tall, once again). I tried to bend my body in weird ways every time we talked (we talked wohooooo!!), so that I appeared shorter.

Carol Rossetti Women

And still today, me being a little above average height does catch people's attention. Like, men literally have been stopping me in the street in order to tell me that I'm "really tall", I kid you not. (Ok, it might have happened only once and I wore a bit of heel that day, which, obviously, was just too much to take for a Spaniard.)

So, this is the thing, you see, wearing even a tiny bit of heel seems to be outrageous. I draw so much attention to myself (and not in a good way, but in a "is-this-a-travesti?" way), that I just prefer to keep it low. But: there are sooo many gorgeous (and even comfortable) heeled shoes in this world! I love them all and wear none. I do buy them from time to time. Mostly, during a frenetic feminist moment. And then, turns out, surprise surprise I'm just too self-conscious to wear them.

I got these beauties the other day (From & Other Stories, of course, because I am obsessed. As you can see here. And here.)

& Other Stories Velvet Pumps

They have a 10cm heel and a velvety finish -like, savour that: vel-ve-ty!-. I plan to wear them for Christmas Eve. My boyfriend's family is having a huge dinner and small little Spaniards, all under 160cm, will be there. That should be fun. (And probably reason enough to never wear these pumps again after being told 3284 times how freakin' tall I am.)

When will I stop caring?