A day in Stockholm (8 very Swedish moments)

I'm back from Scandinavia and brought you some pretty pictures! (If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen the whole of my trip and, as a matter of fact, I'm still posting travel pics although I'm already back home. 😁 But I just took so many I want to share!!) First stop was Stockholm. And we had the absolutely best weather!!


Just look at that perfect sky:


1. Swedish breakfast

Special mention definitely has to go to the mad breakfast buffet at the Scandic hotel we stayed in. I loved everything about it. They had smoothies and organic cornflakes and a huge bread selection. (Learn, Spain!)

Swedish Bread


2. Skincare love


Face Stockholm soap


3. Stockholm canals

First things first: A long boat ride through the Stockholm canals. (Yeah, I know, I look like a 15 year old boy who was dragged to do some boring sightseeing with his Mom. But, really, I enjoyed it! Insane wind, though!!)



4. That landscape!

Honestly, when I think of Sweden, this is the picture I have in my head. ...And that's just how it is irl!


It is so sooo pretty and there's such a laid back atmosphere everywhere!


5. Modern architecture

Even the newer neighborhoods are stunning! (Learn, Spain!)



6. Picnic by the docks

In the evenings, everyone gathers by the docks, hangs out, has picnics. So, we grabbed a pizza, looked for the nearest spot with a little bit of seagull poop and mingled.



7. Cutest souvenir

And this is the little souvenir I brought home from Stockholm. Which is very very un-me. I mean, not even as a kid did I care too much about stuffed animals. And I harshly condemn adults who infintalize themselves by owning child toys. But this little fella (from Bukowski Design). Ooooh, he is the softest thing I've touched in my life!!! And he's so so cute! I had to own him.

Bukowski Design


8. Sunset (of course!)

Bye, Stockholm. Thou fairest of them all! ❤️