From St. Petersburg with love

st. petersburg

That's quite a church right here, isn't it?It goes by the humble name of "Church of the Savior on Blood".

Russians like it ginormous and glittery.

And when it comes to chocolateries, ginormous and glittery seems the right thing to go for:

Eliseyev Emporium Petersburg

Here's a nice picture of one the canals. 'Cause St. Petersburg is the "Venice of the North", in case you didn't know. (Probably every other northern city with some rivers running through its center claims this title, but let's roll with it.)


And here's a bit of a Soviet vibe. Okay, that's probably not architecturally accurate. Also, it is the super fancy and luxurious Astoria Hotel, so that's kinda anti-Soviet. Anyway. Impressive building right here:


And now back to da food:

Ivan Da Maria Petersburg
Ivan Da Maria Petersburg

We seriously had THE BEST lunch in "Ivan da Marya". Loved the vibe, the lovely service and the bathrooms (very important!). 

St. Petersburg was the last stop of our Scandinavia trip. It was very beautiful and very hot. And if you feel like reading about the previous stops (it's mainly pictures!), click right here to go to Stockholm and here to got to Tallinn and Helsinki.