My day on Snapchat (in Palma de Mallorca!!)

(I usually snap in German, so, yeah, go learn German if you wanna know what my captions say lol). So, anyway, I tried to make myself a semi healthy breakfast, as dinner yesterday was a deep frozen pizza. Very yummy! But not very #healthy. Talking about cool (like, me, being cool): check out my rad Adidas sweater! And me wearing sunglasses in an elevator! So cool!

We were on our way to this aweessoome restaurant! The BEST in Palma. Bestest lunch!

snapchat palma de mallorca

And desert was awesome, too.

Awesome everything.

snapchat palma de mallorca

In the afternoon, we were looking for a "beer bar", how I eloquently explained on Snapchat. "Beer bar"?! WTF? I meant pub! I do have to say, though, that there are some bars in Palma that are kinda specialized in craft beer and all that. So they are "beer bars", right?

snapchat palma de mallorca

Legendary "Guirigall" was closed. So we went somewhere else. The picture on the right was taken somewhere else. Called "Lórien". A "beer bar"!

snapchat palma de mallorca

Also, whoops. On our little downtown walk I may have stopped just-quickly-just-see-what's-new at the MAC store. And the Charlotte Olympia Edition was soooo gorgeous! (And after dropping almost all testers, saving the Charlotte Olympia mirror last minute before hitting the floor and the MAC ladies pitifully wiping lipstick off my cheeks, I kinda felt I "had to" buy something. And, I mean, just look at that nail polish bottle!!)

A day full of beer and action.

Oh, and...

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