4 pairs of shoes. 4 feels. 4 real. (Or: which shoes to choose when planning to take over the world.)


Welcome back powerful power girls! Now, let's get really deep (or low, or down, lol, get it? duh, okay ) and talk about shooeess!

Too bad fashion has such a bad rep 'cause a great outfit can be a huge boost for your self-confidence. Fashion is not evil! Let's embrace fashion and what it can do for us girls.

For me, the most important part of an outfit - that really can change it all - are shoes!

If I wear flimsy uncomfortable shoes, I don't walk properly, I don't feel comfortable, I'm not a powerful power lady, believe me. But if I wear well fitting shoes that make love to my feet, oh darling, I can take over the world!

Let me give you some examples:


1. Platform lace-up shoes (My fave fave faaaavourite shoes at the moment. Wearing them every day. With everything.) Emphasis on platform. And on lace-up. Lace-up is always good. The shoe sits securely on your foot and shoe+foot basically merge with each other. And platform because it gives you a little extra hight, you walk on clouds. You are a little above everyone else. You rule the world, okay?

2. Platform Mary Janes Platform! Because see 1. These shoes look quite dressy, but they are also extreeeemly comfortable. And most importantly, contrary to many other shoes, these have rubbers soles that don't clatter. I don't like it when shoes clatter. (Some like it, though, so...) Anyway, these look smart and are very comfortable. Because, honestly, no way, noo way, I endure suffering in my shoes just because they look cute. If they hurt my feet they can go to hell.

Shoes burning in hell:

3. Loafers with a very thin sole Example of shoes I bought because they are cute. And because they actually look rather comfy. (I bought them because of Alexa Chung, okay? I wanna be her, don't judge me!) I don't hate them, but they definitely don't make me feel strong and powerful. The sole is so thin I can feel every little stone on the pavement. And slip ons, sigh, yes, they are convenient, but they just never sit as properly on my feet as lace-ups (obviously). Oh, and they basically crush my poor toes!! I mean, they are not crazy pointy, but maybe because of the shape in general, they honestly destroy my toes.

4. Flimsy suede boots Aw, they look cute, don't they? Well, fuck them. Again, the deadly (yeah, well, not deadly, but unpleasant) combination of thin sole and slip-ons! Don't I ever learn?! (No!) I twist my ankle in them all the time! Walking in these "boots" is like having some leather wobbling around your foot while trying not to lose the entire shoe in the process.

Really, the shoe fitting well and sitting securely on you foot is KEY. Don't settle for less. Don't settle for cute-but-toe-crushing-flimsy-ballerinas.

Go for lace-ups, for platforms or of whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and strong in your mind.