How Sheryl Sandberg blew my mind


In 2010, Sheryl Sandberg gave a TED talk that made history: “Why we have too few women leaders".Like, if you haven't watched it yet, you MUST watch it now!

This woman kicks ass! In case you don't know her: She is the Facebook COO and guru for all the working girls out there.

The talk was followed by her genius booked called “Lean In” and, since then, she is basically all over the media advocating for, well, more women leaders.

I believe every word she says. She is one of these people that juggles with data and numbers and statistics like nobody’s business. When she tells me that women are not making it to the top of any profession anywhere in the world, I believe her. There is some serious research behind her statements.

Sheryl Sandberg TED talk

Take this: Of all people in parliament in the world, only 13% are women. Only 15% of corporate top positions are held by women. The numbers have not changed since 2002 and they are going in the wrong direction.

Honestly, for me this was mind blowing! I think I wasn't even fully aware of the situation until Sheryl Sandberg dropped the numbers.

Her explanation makes so so much sense! It was magical. Things I've always thought of as my personal experience are actually quite universal. From a young age we pick up cues on how we are expected to behave. Boys are the loud ones, the aggressive ones, the class clowns. Girls are expected to be proper, to follow the rules and be nice. Problem here: Professional life rewards the loud ones, the go-getters.

How many times did you want to be more assertive, more outspoken, but you just couldn't? You were blocked, you were shy, you were silent. (Happens to me about 162 times daily.) Well, maybe this is because you were never really encouraged.

No one likes a loud girl. But boys, well, they are just being boys.

Time to “lean in” and grab a seat at the table, girlfriends all over the world! There is so much to catch up, there is a conversation to be changed and a revolution to be started!