Your "ism" won't save the world!

Every time I write a blog post I have to decide whether I want to add it to the category "Minimalism" or "Zero Waste" or maybe "Green Beauty" or maybe something else? Which niche of sustainable living does it fit in?

I could get rid of these categories all together and just stick with "sustainable living", but people like categories. People google things like "first steps to becoming a minimalist" or "how to adopt a zero waste lifestyle". People want to be guided. (Me too, but that's the topic for a whole different post... Sneak peek: sticking to the "rules" of sustainable living makes my life actually easier and not more difficult!) 

The problem/the beauty(?) is, EVERYTHING is connected. In general, in this world. And in particular, concerning sustainable living. 

save the world

How could you ever live a zero waste life without incorporating ideas of minimalism?

How sustainable is your life if the things you own are full of toxins and made under the most inhumaine conditions?

And not even veganism is the answer to world's problems. 

Actually, let's talk veganism. I've never talked about veganism on this blog before. Veganism is great. It's a healthy, ethical and environmentally-friendly diet. (Moral reasons aside, I personally don't find it necessary to stop eating meat altogether in order to live sustainably. You could eat only few and only organic meat, for example. But let's not start a controversy here.)

However, what I would like to point out is that veganism - like all the nicely defined and categorized "isms" - won't save the world. Veganism doesn't provide you with sufficient answers regarding social justice, consumerism, waste, etc. 

If we want true change in this world, all these niches of sustainable living have to work together. Everything is connected and we must support each other. We all have the same goal. So, it's really not about which approach is more "correct", but how all these movements can complement each other. All these "isms" only make sense TOGETHER.  

United we stand, divided we fall. (As Manchester United taught us. And Aesop. ...The Greek story teller, not the skincare brand.)