not asking for it

Men (okay, some men) think, they must stare at a woman's breasts, because "that cleavage, thooo". As if it was their social responsibility or something. A girl who dresses like that, is definitely asking for it. She wants the attention. She's literally waiting for a man to catcall her. Guess what: #NotAskingForIt!!!!! I think I can't even express with words, how outraged I am by this kind of attitude!

A woman's body turns into a public object, which you can stare at, comment on, maybe even touch. Your own body is not private, any longer.

You can't dress just anyhow, anyway you please. You have to think about the message you might convey to "the man".

And if I just might take it one step further: if a woman in that slinky dress is literally fishing for attention, fishing for their gazes, men are then permitted to stare, to catcall, to touch. How guilty is a man who only followed a woman's call? "Like, if you wear a skirt that short, you should expect men trying to touch you.""She said no, but her cleavage said yes." "Did you see what she wore that night? No wonder she got raped." 

I honestly don't even want to go into this topic right now. The internet is already flooded with (awesome!) discussions around rape culture, consent, "no means no", etc.

I would love to end this post with something motivational, inspirational, but, really, this behavior is so inconceivable to me!! I mean, a woman most definitely doesn't roam the streets and comment on a guy's shorts or and hisses "Hey sexy!".

Oh, this reminds me of a very good video. Hold on...

Here we go: (Sexism the other way round...)