Quitting fast fashion?

fast fashion fair fashion armedangels börd shört

If you read my post on capsule wardrobes, you might have noticed that I wear a lot of fast fashion. (& Other Stories being my fave, mainly because I find they promote an empowering body image - sometimes- . But, let's be real here, it still belongs to the H&M corporation and it still is a fast fashion brand.) Many things are wrong with fast fashion. Starting with labour conditions in Bangladesh. But there's more: environmental pollution in manufacturing countries, toxins, cotton monoculture, farmers running into dept to afford GMO seeds. Externalised costs, they call 'em. Costs someone else has to pay, so that I can buy a t-shirt for only €5. Everyone knows that this is not ethical, however, only few people seem to care.

So, as I am on this journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, I have to ask myself: what's my stance on fast fashion?

I had a lot of internal debates, believe me. I don't want to make outrageous promises, I won't be able to keep. But I think I feel comfortable saying that I will quit fast fashion. I will no longer buy at these shops. I will no longer buy into their marketing that tells me I can have it all: a low budget and a full wardrobe. I will no longer buy into the wasteful lifestyle they promote.

fast fashion fair fashion armedangels börd shört

However, as long as it's second hand, I'm fine with buying any brand. (This rhymes and what rhymes is good. Also, second hand shopping is, obviously, the most sustainable way to go. Re-using, guys, re-using!) And as for new stuff, I'm very much looking forward to discovering awesome fair fashion brands, like Armedangels and Börd Shört.

This should give me plenty of options. And, I mean, OF COURSE, if I pop into H&M once every two years because I really need a pair of new socks, well, that won't be the end of the world. I'm not against that odd exception one has to make sometimes. I won't beat myself up for that.

The important thing is that the bulk of my money goes to companies whose philosophy I believe in.

Ugh, guys, it really feels so sooo good to make these changes. Everything just makes sense and falls into place. Remember that Gandhi quote about happiness? What we think and do and say needs to be in harmony for us to be happy. Such SUCH true words!