Lighten up! I got some fun & unusual fashion picks for ya!

You know these very serious and curated fashion mood boards you see on very serious fashion blogs? Well, I wanted to make one, too! But I'm not all that serious. Fashion ain't all that serious. Fashion is fun and quirky.


Just look at these awesome jumpers from the brand "Shrimps"!! Really can't decide whether I like the pink or the navy one better. I'm just so very much in love with these little drawings!!

shirmps london quirky fashion


Now, THIS. BOOBS. SHIRT. Boobies in all their variations all over. (That's my fave fashion item of 'em all.)

boobs shirt quirky fashion


I knowww, I was all "lighten up, not so serious" and then, this gal down here looks all serious. But I realllly like this dress. And I do find it quite unusual. It kinda looks like a coat, but it is a dress. Whoop whoop.

in god we trust nyc dress


And I mean, when it comes to fun and quirky accessories, there is no way around the queen, the master, the goddess of fun shoes and handbags: Charlotte Olympia!! Bow down, bitches! Bow down to this clear clutch box and bow down to the legendary kitty ballerinas!! (Also, you can use the inserts if you're too boring to wear an all-clear clutch.)

charlotte olympia kitty flats