Raw me - 11 personal facts


I feel that, recently, I've been writing a lot of "informational posts" about sustainable living and zero waste and what not. I've been reading and educating myself so much, lately and became a little overly motivated to "spread my wisdom" *lol*.

Today, however, I felt like getting a bit more personal and just sharing some random things about me. So, I took some no-makeup selfies straight out of the shower and wrote up this:

personal facts

1. I tried the Diva cup for the first time last month. I like the idea, but inserting it was such a pain. I felt a bit raped. (Maybe I should have gone for "Model 1" although I'm over 30?) Still, not going to give up on it!

2. I'd eat anything. There is probably no edible thing on earth I wouldn't eat (if prepared properly!).

3. I don't like electronic music. I tried. And there might be some odd exceptions. But, overall: hating it.

4. I like smelling my leather watch strap. I smells old and worn and soaked in perfume. (From spraying my wrist with perfumes when I'm testing them in stores.)

5. Just after my 18th birthday, I went travelling alone for the first time. I went to Cuba. I was obsessed with Cuba. I wouldn't talk about anything else for months.

6. I failed my practical driving test twice. If I had failed it a third time, I would have had to take the "idiot test". (An examination determining whether I'm intelligent enough to drive, at all.) I really did not want to take the "idiot test". (That's how they actually call it!!! How humiliating is this, please?!!) I passed the third time.

7. Sometimes, I just want to quit it all and go live on a self-sufficient and self-governed ecovillage.

8. I don't drink coffee. I used to. But then, I noticed that my pee would smell of coffee, too and I started to relate the smell of coffee to pee and, yeah, that's where my coffee savouring journey kinda ended.

9. I wanted to do an exchange high school year in the USA and applied for a scholarship. I got turned down and my little world broke into pieces. I wanted this so much. (Later in life, I found out that I get turned down for a lot of things. I also noticed that I usually look better "on paper", but that I wouldn't quite make the cut after people met me personally.)

personal facts

10.  I'm a very smiley person and I don't particularly like this about myself.

11. Since I've been living in Mallorca, my nose runs almost constantly. What is this? No doctor seems to be overly worried. My guess is that my respiratory system doesn't like the humidity very much. I'm fine every time I'm back in Germany. Maybe I'm allergic to Mallorca.


What's a fun fact about YOU?? 😜