What I wore today (#ootd of shame)


So, just before I go to bed, I thought I'd write up a short post about my outfit today. It was nothing special. It was just me wearing my regular clothes. However, since I want to be more mindful in regard to sustainability and fair fashion, I thought, I'd have a closer look at this random outfit I put on today.

Grey denim shirt from Lee

I love love love this shirt. I adore the work wear look of it and the tiny color speckles. (Which you can't really see in the picture. But they are there!)

lee denim shirt ootd

However, as for the the brand, ...well, Lee is not a sustainable brand. They do have some(!) good environmental/carbon emission policies, but they are rather shady when it comes to labour conditions. And as important as environmental issues are, I still value proper working conditions a little higher. Sure, everything kinda goes together. But still, but still, how a company treats a human being, their workers, to me, says most about a company.

Men's belt from Mango

I bought it for myself maybe 6 years ago, but then my boyfriend used it for many years. I'm glad I  recovered it. It is the perfect belt.

belt ootd

"Sigh", Mango, tho. Mango was one of the brands that manufactured at the Rana Plaza, which collapsed in 2013. Over 1000 factory workers were killed. Not good. Not acceptable. And I still kept buying stuff at Mango. (See coat further down.) There's no excuse. There's literally no excuse and I should have known better.

My fave trousers: treggins from Marc O'Polo

Again, a rather old purchase. Definitely 5-6 years old. But they are comfortable and great quality - like all Marc O'Polo clothes -.

marc o polo trousers ootd

Marc O'Polo is quite open about corporate social responsibility and sustainability. The policies they mention on their website sound all really awesome. For example, they obligate their suppliers and producers to follow certain social standards and to produce in humane conditions. They do admit, however, that it is hard to monitor each stage of production. I don't know. Is it? (Serious question) I appreciate their openness and Marc O' Polo is definitely one of the "conventional" brands that inspires most confidence.

Second hand lace-up shoes from Flip Flop

Most recent  -and most sensible- purchase. Second hand + I truly needed them. (Okay, "needed" is maybe a bit exaggerated.) But I was honestly looking for lace-ups like this for a while now, so... They are super lightweight and go with everything.

secondhand shoes

Second hand is the way to go when it comes to sustainable shopping. I got these shoes for a bargain on "Kleiderkreisel".  I love that Germany has such an amazing second hand culture. There are loads of charity shops, vintage markets, online marketplaces, Ebay is huge. Too bad I live in Spain! haha Buying clothes or shoes second hand still seems very disgusting to many people here. But I'm sure they'll get there, eventually ;).

Navy coat from Mango

I bought this coat last year only because it was on sale. I definitely didn't need it and I didn't even wear until now. It fits perfectly, though and I enjoy very much that the sleeves are long enough. (Which is usually NEVER the case with Mango coats.)

coat ootd

And to make my shame even shamefuller: I actually bought a second coat from Mango that day because "Oh, so cheap".

Okay, so, I mainly own fast fashion brands that produce under rather shady conditions. 

If I want to live a sustainable life, what am I supposed to do with all these clothes that don't fit my lifestyle, any longer?

Throwing them away? No wayyyy!! #zerowaste and also: that's loads of money, people! Donating? Well, that's almost worse. Read this if you don't believe me. Selling? Sure, if you can. (Aka. if you don't live in Spain and people don't think buying second hand is gross.)

To me, it's crystal clear: I'll wear these clothes!! Hell yeah.

I know it's not cool to say that you quit fast fashion and go all fair and sustainable and then, basically, only wear H&M and Mango. But hey, money and resources were put into these clothes and I will try to wear them as long as possible. Of course, if I decide to add something new to my wardrobe (really, why would I in the next 5 years because my wardrobe is literally packed with everything I need) - but, anyway, IF I buy something new, it will be from a fair fashion brand or second hand.

For now, however, you will see me in my "outfits of shame". (Oh, talking about "shame", have you seen this awesome ad??)

(Okay, I'm signing off. It is really late now and this is NOT a short post, at all. But I'm just so passionate about this topic!!)