Go read “Once I was cool” by Megan Stielstra


….’cause it is so hilarious and so amazingly well written. The book is a compilation of personal essays. (I love essays!). And they are all so open and raw and so intriguing.

Megan Stielstra writes about her love for Jane’s Addiction and Harrison Ford. About personal moral courage - in Prague and everywhere -. About being vulnerable and broken and always with one’s heart wide open. She writes about the mad ones and the sad ones. (And being one of them.). And there might be a mention of glass testicles.

Her essays start with “Recently, I dropped a bunch of ecstasy and went to the symphony”.

And others end with: “I am a motherfucking frog.”

I really can’t recommend this book highly enough. Her writing style is so captivating. And her stories even more so.

(You can obviously get "Once I was cool" on Amazon. Or maybe at your local book store. Supporting a local business, you know. - Says someone with an Amazon Prime membership. - ?)