Let them oils flow

When I was younger, like, teenage younger, oils seemed the incarnation of evil. Who would ever voluntarily put oil on her face? Or hair? Or body? Eeeks!! Greasy wasn't a good look. It still isn't. But "glowy" is a thing now.

And I mean: COCONUT OIL?!!! Coconut oil is supposed to basically heal your whole life. It has had a massive rise in the past few years and I really hope the hype won't cool down. (Like, because they discover it is actually cancerogenous.)

rms beauty coconut cream oil

I use coconut oil for cooking, hydrating my skin and taking off makeup. Of course, only raw and organic coconut oil. That's the good one. They say.

I don't use facial oils too often, just because I can totally forget about putting on makeup afterwards. Whatever they tell you. However you apply it. Forget about foundation. However, I love using it on a makeup-free day. And particularly this one from "pai" is just amazing. It literally heals my skin. Little wounds, scratches, pimples. Gone.

pai rosehip oil

Hahaaa! You thought I couldn't mention the Ouai Hair Oilyet another time? Think again. I like hair oils. But they have to be light enough not to make me look like I haven't washed my hair in 3 weeks. They have to be the Ouai hair oil, okay?

Ouai Hair Oil

When I don't use pure coconut oil on my body, I like to use the Coqui Coqui Rosas Secas Oil. Which is basically coconut oil - with a nice rosey tabacco scent to it - ... very special. I put it on my damp skin after showering and feel fancy.

Coqui Coqui Rosas Secas Oil