Female bloggers: unite!!

female bloggers

Female bloggers don't really have the best reputation. They write about Urban Decay make-up and succulent plants and aren't very supportive of each other. And while there is absolute nothing wrong with writing about a good Urban Decay concealer, I am glad to report that female bloggers are NOT shallow bitches. They raise their voices when voices need to be risen. When a political statement needs to made. When a delicate feminist topic needs to be tackled. I see allot of references to other blogs and allot of love for fellow female bloggers. I'm so so proud of the blogging community.

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the hot topic #NotAskingForIt/objectification of the female body. And this topic now became even hotter.  A recent rape case of a German starlet sparked off a fire in the German blogosphere. Fashionistas, beauty gurus and lifestyle bloggers took a strong feminist stance against the rather embarrassing German legal system, which ruled that "saying no" just ain't enough in order to tell whether a person wants or does not want sexual intercourse.


No means no!

You can read fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick's take on the topic here. (This is the girl in the picture above. Err, yes, I did kindly "steal" her picture for my blog post... because it is just so perfect!!)

I think it is so sooo awesome that girls, who usually write about "superficial" lifestyle things, are not afraid to use their broad reach and to raise awareness for very controversial and delicate female topics.

Being into fashion & beauty does NOT mean that you don't have a political opinion. These girls show that women are actually multifaceted complex human beings, who advocate for their rights and support one another.

Girl power all the way!

So proud to be (a little) part of this awesome blogging community!!!

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