Mother's Day ramblings from a "real" woman


That's me. You asking what the picture has to do with the post? Nothing. Well, the post ist about, like, me and my feelings. You know, for a change ๐Ÿ˜„. So, I felt it's a good excuse to put this XXL photo of my face right here. Here you go. You welcome. Sooo, going with the Mother's Day vibe, today's post is about being a mother. I exclusively moved my Mondaily Girl-Power post to NOW!

I have no clue about being a mother. I'm not a mother.

I'm almost 33 (OMG-OMG-time-flies-I-still-feel-so-young-bla) and, in 2016, one might not expect this, but people don't appreciate me not having kids or, at least, plans to have kids or thoughts about whether I would like kids sometime. "But you can imagine being a mother, right?" "Watch out, it might be too late at some point!"

What if I CANNOT imagine being a mother? What IF it will be too late?

Does this make me less of a woman? Can I only live a fulfilled life as a woman if I am a mother?

Honestly, I'm kinda fed up that people are trying to tell me exactly this. Yes, nature did give me the option to make a baby and be a mother. And if no one enjoyed motherhood, this would definitely be the end of mankind. (Although, probably some clever scientist would invent some crazy shit like in-vitro-human-breeding or something. Okay, I think this dystopian scenario is not doing me any favor here ๐Ÿ˜‚)

Moving on: My point is that women don't have to be mothers to be "real" women!

I might never be able to write in my Instagram bio "mommy to Alfie and wifey to Mark". But, also, maybe women should stop defining themselves in relation to others.

I am enough.

It is okay not to be mother to someone. Not to be a wife to someone. It is okay. My life is not less fulfilled because of that.

The world is colorful. The paths are many.