Let’s talk money!


Money is a very uncomfortable topic for me. I don’t like talking about money. But I like having money. duh In my ideal world, my boss or client or whatever would just totally see that I am worth loads and loads of money and they would offer to pay me way more that I ever expected. And I don't have to even touch the subject. And money would just magically be there.

Unfortunately, in my real world, I have to negotiate. I have to make a stand. Demand a raise. And it sucks. Every time I have to negotiate money I feel like a greedy bitch. Like, what makes me think I deserve even one single extra penny?”. Isn’t it “enough” what I already earn? How can I filthy animal ask for more?

Turns out there’s a whole market niche dedicated to this topic. (I mean HOT TOPIC PAY GAP!!: women earn less than men for the same job mainly because they negotiate less!) You can attend all female bootcamps that teach you how to overcome your money blocks. You can buy Sheryl Sandberg’s book and found a “Lean In” circle.

Knowing that many women have this exact problem and, thus, making it a “gender thing” actually helped me. It helped me realize that the lack of self-confidence when it comes to “money talk” isn’t entirely my fault. Maybe society just kinda taught me to keep my head down and not be “difficult”.

Also, what works quite well for me is thinking of all the possible scenarios of a “money talk”. All the different things the other person could say and what I could reply. This makes me feel prepared for any situation. And I feel my reasoning is on point. Honestly, if I don’t do this, the conversation goes like:

“I won’t pay you more.” “OK, you’re-so-right-sorry-for-asking.”

So, prepare your arguments well. Know your worth!


(Did all those bold "money"s make you feel uncomfortable? They shouldn't. Think about it.)