I decided to be a minimalist. What next?

I won't reduce my belongings to 100 things. I won't reduce my wardrobe to 33 pieces. (For now.) So, what kind of minimalist am I?

First of all, I don't think minimalism is about a certain number of items you're "allowed" to own.

It is about decluttering an making space for what truly matters to you. (Awww, beautiful definition. And very vague.)

So, here are my very concrete decluttering plans:


minimalism decluttering coats

1. I live on a Mediterranean island and own 4 winter coats:

An outdoorsy coat, a classic wool coat, a feminine wool coat and yet another wool coat, which is more a between-seasons coat, to be fair. Do I need 4 winter coats in a place where it doesn't even snow? If I layered properly, I could probably get away with not owning a winter coat, at all. Anyway, the idea is to only have 1 coat. I plan on selling all 4 of them and getting a new one, which is still very warm and funcional, but which also looks good with smarter outfits.


minimalism decluttering bowls

2.  I own 4 almost identical plastic bowls. 

I literally only use them to prepare salads, to mix the ingredients for my pizza dough or to puree a soup. I think I'll be totally fine with only one bowl. I also try to avoid my food (especially hot food) getting in contact with plastic. Therefore, the plan is to take these 4 bowls to the charity shop around the corner and buy 1 stainless steel bowl one instead. 

Honestly, I don't really like my approach of getting rid of this and that and buying something new instead. Ideally, I would find use and value in the items I already own. I could get rid of some, but I could also keep that one item that makes most sense, instead of buying a new one. I'm a bit torn.  


minimalism decluttering tshirts

3. I own an insane, insane (!) amount of black t-shirt.

I use 2 or 3 of them.

So, maybe I can reduce them to 3 or 4 t-shirts?

I'll try, I'll try.


minimalism declutter shoes

4. Last year, I bought 3 Adidas sneakers.

(Adidas had its moment last year and I totally fell for it.) I'm not very much of a sneaker person really. I've hardly worn them. They just ain't me. I tried to be cool. I tried so hard. But it's just not working for me. So, I'll try to sell them. (I'm literally so so angry with myself for having spent so much money on Adidas sneakers. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.)