Mindy Kaling, my spirit animal

Mindy Kaling

That's a pretty awesome picture of Mindy, isn't it? I stole it from a very recent article on elle.com. I love Mindy. I laugh so hard throughout every episode of "The Mindy Project" that my boyfriend gets seriously annoyed. "There's no way you find it that funny." he says. He has no idea. "The Mindy Project" is the most hilarious thing on TV!!!

Mindy Kaling is a genius for creating that show. And for writing two seriously funny books.

I read the first one a long time ago, but one thing definitely stuck to my mind, as I felt deeply identified with: Mindy confesses to have learned her credit card number by heard to make the online shopping process more smoothly. Genius!!

I love that her character Mindy Lahiri has this very serious and noble profession (a doctor!), but, then again, she is the embodiment of "girly". She wears crazy colorful clothes, enjoys big portions of food and quotes Kendrick Lamar in an eulogy. And she's also a feminist. Because, seriously, why not?

Mindy Kaling, besides being a genius, is also really wise: in an interview with B.J. Novak she was asked what kind of advice she would give young people. And instead of going for the typical "be yourself/express yourself" phrases, she answered: Be quiet, listen, observe. We're all told to express ourselves constantly, but it is also important to listen to what others have to say. Be sensitive.

I hear ya, Mindy, I hear ya!