To makeup or not to makeup

makeup or no makeup

If you wear makeup, you're superficial, vain or dumb. If you don't wear makeup and - ooooh - everyone can see your blemishes, dark under-eye circles and herpes, it ain't okay either. Eeewww, gross. Ugly. You look disgusting.

What do you want from me, society?

Do you want a delicate little fairy with healthy-plump skin still glowing from the morning dew? The cheeks blushed by the first rays of sunshine? The lips glossy from her daily dose of nectar? 

Seriously, I sometimes think that people (men?) have a totally transfigured idea of what "natural beauty" means. It would be great if "natural beauty" meant that however nature made you, is considered beautiful. But what it really means is that you should "naturally" correspond with an idealized image of beauty (you know, the one you see on TV).

Pimples. Ugly. Too fat. Ugly. Drooping eyelids. Ugly.

Ok, well, then, I will put on some concealer and contour the hell out of of my face.

Nope. Gross. And, obviously, if you put so much effort into your looks, you must be a pretty shallow person.

In a nutshell, it is a losing game.

YouTuber Emma Ford made an awesome video about this topic:


Girls, really: fuck it.

You feel like putting on makeup? Slather it all over your face! Don't feel like it? Don't put it on. (Probably the more budget-friendly option, anyway.) And NO, a girl is not dumb and shallow because she enjoys makeup. And she's not putting it on for men. (Because, remember: "Eww, so much makeup? She hiding something?") And a girl is not a filthy "bra burner" if she's never owned a mascara in her life. And yes, I'm always that pale. And yes, my under-eye circles are always that dark. Natural beauty, you know?




(In case you're wondering: the background illustrations I used for the featured image of this post are not mine. I found them on the Internet. They're by Alexa Chung. There you go. I hope I'm not majorly infringing some copyright here. But well, living on the edge, you know?)