Why you should NOT live in the moment

live in the moment

Sorry for the rather click-baity title, but I mean it! I'm getting a bit sick of being told that life is all about "enjoying", "living in the moment", "having fun". I mean, yes, it sure is. Kinda. But also: NO! WTF? We live in a society. There are other people around us. We are embedded in this world. And I'm afraid a lot of momentary personal joy might come with a cost. For ourselves and for everything that surrounds us.

Sure, picking up bargains in Primark is great fun, ordering Domino's pizza is super convenient, throwing house parties every weekend is fun. But how long does this high last? 1 hour, 5 hours? Then, the hangover kicks in, the stomach ache, the regrets. You upset your neighbours with loud music, overloaded your trash can with plastic cups and that bargain Primark t-shirt was made under the shittiest working conditions. But hey, fuck it, 'cause #yolo.

Errr... NO! I believe that there is more to a fulfilled life than chasing the next moment of fun.

live in the moment

I mean, everyone is different and different things work for different people, so I can only speak for myself. But for me, life is not all about enjoying. (This sounds very wrong, but here me out...) If cutting down on my own pleasure or convenience helps improve the life of others (or helps save the rain forest), I'm totally up for that. Eventually, knowing that my lifestyle is contributing to making the world better is what truly fulfills me. And also, cutting down on a momentary pleasure might even be beneficiary for myself on the long run. (Like, not eating Domino's every other night. Not that I do, but I could... But just because I can do something, it doesn't mean that I have to do it. Responsibility, you know?)

I know this all makes me sound really lame and bitter *lol*, but, like, you get my point, right?

I'm all up for doing what makes you happy and brings you joy, but I'm also saying that "fun fun fun" is overrated. A lot of this "fun" comes with a cost for someone or something else and it might no even contribute to your own happiness, in the long run.


Duh, I don't know whether this is making sense, at all. But I've already written this post, so I guess I can as well publish it. Just take it as a random thought on life...)