This new skincare brand does everything right


When one of my favourite beauty bloggers Lily Pebbles casually mentioned Kypris skincare products on her Snapchat I was captivated. What? Who?

And finally, when I found this statement on Kypris’ Instagram , I was sold:

kypris feminism

Oh, and their packaging is inspired by feminist art and movements:

The serum bottles are all inspired by the art nouveau movement where beauty and function were valued equally. We saw the early stirrings of the women’s suffrage movement and the removal of bones from women’s clothing delivering our foremothers to greater physical freedom. The Beauty Elixir bottles are inspired by the apothecary movement when your ‘cure’ was likely also your pleasure.

Kypris founder Chase Polan on Integrity Botanical's blog

So far so good, but $225.00 for a beauty oil?? (Ok, I did pick their most expensive product here, but still…)

Chase Polan exhaustively replies to exact that question in the comments section of this Refinery29 article.

Summing it up for you lazy people:

“I think there are many companies out there that use crappy ingredients and then try to charge an arm and a leg for them. That is not us. (...) Sourcing is one of my greatest professional passions second only to feminism.”

She goes on explaining how working with small farms, sustainable growers and wild crafters is more costly compared to conventional methods. Their $225.00 star product is the Beauty Elixir I: 1,000 Roses, which contains the oil of -literally more than 1000- organic certified, biodynamically grown roses. The rose essential oil has a raw material cost of approximately $20. Plus the raw material cost of the other 18 ingredients in the bottle, plus the cost of the packaging, manufacturing, testing, etc. etc.

Chase goes into loads of detail about their sourcing practice in her interview on Integrity Botanicals. Make sure to check it out if you are interested in the topic. I found it truly fascinating! (... like, the roses can only be picked from early morning until late morning otherwise the essential oils evaporate off beneath an increasingly warm sun.)

Kypris has two product ranges: serums and elixirs.

Bottomline: Are they any good? Well, I cannot wait to try them out, but it does sound very verrry promising!