KYPRIS Review : Antioxidant Dew & Moonlight Catalyst (Or: baby butt smoothness, hello!)


I found out about KYPRIS skin care products about two months ago and instantly fell in love with the idea. All organic, wildcrafted, and sustainably procured ingredients? Err, hell yeaaah!! (You can read my raving post here.) On top of that, founder Chase Polan seems to be the wisest and loveliest human being. (I can't get over how patiently she replied to all the comments in this Refinery29 article!)

But now, let's get down to business.

I picked up 2 serums: The Antioxidant Dew (daytime) and the Moonlight Catalyst (nighttime, as you might suspect).


KYPRIS Moonlight Catalyst

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

I was especially eager to try the Moonlight Catalyst, which is supposed to refine the texture of your skin. I tend to have large pores, some redness, some tiny scars here and there, so I'll buy basically anything that promises me to even out my skin tone. I always found it hard to tell whether these sorts of products work or not. I mean, you don't see any dramatic difference over night. At best, there is an improvement over a period of time, which is always less obvious.

Anyway. I've been using the Moonlight Catalyst for a month or so, and I did get some blemishes in the beginning, which were to be expected. (I wish I could explain this in a dermatologically proper manner, but it has something to do with the product bringing everything to surface that is lurking in your skin.) So far, so good. After the initial struggle, I started to notice that I woke up with a tight and smooth and nice skin. And yes, even more even, I'd say. Liked it. And then, the other day, something wonderful happened. I had really dry patches and flaky skin on my cheek. (No, that's not the "wonderful" part. Hang on.) I gave my skin a particularly good rub with the Moonlight Catalyst before going to sleep and the next morning: baby butt smoothness, hello! I was so impressed with it that this is now my official statement: LOVE IT! (Even after one month, the bottle is almost full and it definitely looks like it is doing something for my skin. I'm really, like really, excited to see what my skin will look like once I finish the bottle. excitement Will I even recognize myself? Ok, calm down, calm down. But, honestly, it's looking gooood.)


KYPRIS Antioxidant Dew

Kypris Antioxidant Dew

I bought this just as a serum for underneath my regular moisturizing cream. No super high expectations. I've never used a serum before. But I read that if you splurge on something, it should definitely be a serum, as it is a especially potent and highly concentrated product and basically the most important step in your skincare routine. Well, I wouldn't miss the most important step, right? Being a serum newbie I cannot compare it to any other product. But I can tell you that the Antioxidant Dew is super lightweight, it sinks into your skin immediately. Like, seriously, immediately. And it leaves it soft and plump. I think that's pretty good.

Now, I have to talk about a little downside, concerning both products. I mean, I absolutely love love the look of the packaging, the apothecary design. Gorgeous. The dropper is such a nice detail. But not practical. At all. Sometimes you manage to squeeze out a drop, sometimes two, or none and you dip it in again, and you get half a drop and dip it in again, ... you get me. So if you're in a bit of a rush, the dropper thing can really be a hassle.

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

Also, I'm afraid the cap is not the best quality. You have this plastic ring dangling there after opening the bottle for the first time. And more importantly, it won't twist close properly (at least the one on the Antioxidant Dew).

But that's fine. KYPRIS is a rather new brand. It's just normal that they have to try out a few things and fine tune them with the time.

Bottomline is definitely that I love the products and I would absolutely recommend them to a friend. (That's the ultimate praise, right?)

Also, please check out the brand's philosophy! KYPRIS is a holistic brand and they are deeply committed to environmental and social sustainability. This topic is very dear to me. I mean, I get it, we all love shopping and nice clothes and lovely products. I'm with you, sistas! But we can also really make a difference with our buying choices. Let's support brands that are game changers. That care about this world and the people in it.

Okay, this got kinda political now.

But let's hear from you: have you tried any KYPRIS products, yet? What are your thoughts?