Natural perfume that is also absolutely gorgeous and sexy: Korres Bellflower Tangerine Pink Pepper Perfume


The one thing I never bought natural or organic is perfume. I just don't like that essential oils smell to it. And then I picked up the KORRES Bellflower Tangerine Pink Pepper Eau de Toilette and I was in love.

88% of the ingredients are of natural origin. There are no petrochemicals, no mineral oil, no silicones, no parabens, no PEG and no nasty things in it.

It reminds me of one of my favourites fragrances ever :"The Beat" by Burberry.

It is floral, sweet, and oh so warm and powdery. I hate it when floral perfumes sort of sting my nose. But this one is so balmy, it almost hugs me with its scent, if that makes sense.

And the stunning packaging just deserves a mention for itself:

Korres Perfume
Korres Perfume

And now, excuse me, I'm off to sniff myself and love myself a little more.