Kjaer Weis makeup is all organic and all luxurious

Kjaer Weis makeup

I mean, it is almost ridiculous how heavy and luxurious the Kjaer Weis packaging is. Literally heavy metal what is going on here. I'm soo happy to see that organic makeup nowadays looks absolutely stunning and high-end. (And well, it is high end!) The packaging is drop-dead gorgeous and the quality is simply awesome.

Kjaer Weis totally nailed high-end packaging. Just look at this foundation (in the shade "Silken"):

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation Silken

Well, it is not really travel friendly, just because the metal container weighs a lot. Allot.

I've never used one of these solid creme foundations before and I guess it is not my favorite consistency. It is just quite hard to get the foundation from the pot onto the skin and blend it properly. I found that - like everything in life - it works best with a damp Beauty Blender. The Kjaer Weis foundation brush is pretty, but a bit ridiculous. No way on earth you can get an even an natural result with this teeny tiny brush. It might be okay for concealer, but not for the whole face. Come on.

The finish is verrrry high coverage. Although, again, the magic Beauty Blender can give you anything between a sheer coverage and total concealing of your face.

I really like how it wears during the day... I find it looks even better after a couple of hours.

Nice foundation, once you managed to put it on.

Oh, and it is refillable - of course -.

I also got this beauuuuutiful lip stain in "Passionate". The color looks nothing like on the website, but well. I still like it.

Kjaer Weis Lip Tint Passionate

Again, it is not an "on the go" product. I once wanted to apply it really quickly while walking in the street. Desaster. In the hassle, the refill fell out of the container and could only be stopped by my massive scarf. It does look pretty in the bathroom, though.

So, despite that little downside, it is a great product. Only good ingredients. Hydrating and fells very nice on the lips. (It is a fancy tinted lip balm, okay?)

Tried 'em yet?