More than a pretty face

In 2016, a girl does not have to become a secretary, nurse or teacher. Like, these were the stereotypical "female" careers back in the 1950s, right? Professions that require to be nice and help others. Girls today are astronauts, stock brokers, CEOs. NOT! Or, hardly. They're hardly any female engineers or computer scientists out there. What is going on, 2016?? And if a girl is not up for "helping others", well, then she should, at least, capitalize on her looks. 'Cause "the fairer sex". 'Cause "America's Next Topmodel". So so often people were telling me: "Wow, you're so tall!!! You should be a model!" Ya, sure, because that's the natural dream job of all girls. And if you're shorter than 5'8'', you can still become a primary school teacher.

But let's not be bitter, 'cause times are changing.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss - tall and beautiful and a model and should, therefore, feel fully fulfilled as a woman - dedicated her spare time to coding. She is now a fervent advocate for girls to learn how to code. If you're a high-school girl, you can apply for her "Kode with Karlie" scholarship. And if you're not, you can still be inspired by Karlie's commitment. (Go, sign up, learn how to code. There're so many online courses out there. Like, this one!)

Now, how cool ist this? How cool is it that a Victoria's Secret model shows all the girls out there that computers science is a super interesting and desirable career?

We need more pop culture stars, more role models from film, music and fashion, who inspire girls to be anything they want: astronauts, surgeons, start-up founders. (Take Jessica Alba as an example!)

Or take Barbie:

Let's all be more like Barbie!

("Say what? More like Barbie? Who conveys a totally unrealistic image of the female body?!" Oh, these times are long over! Meet curvy Barbie!💖)

Times are changing  my friend, times are changing…