Girls all over the world unite!! - My take on International Women's Day.


So, yesterday was International Women’s Day. And I thought some thoughts I want to share with you. Do we even need an "International Women's Day", though?

Hell ya!!

Awareness has to be directed towards the female condition. (Stilll! Yes, still!) Pay gap, sexism, catcalling, rape, etc. etc. You name it.

But I want to talk about something else, about something bright and powerful.

It was sooo awesome to see all the empowering voices of women for women throughout (social) media. And I realized I love women so much! Even more and more the older I get.

Girls are great!! They are the greatest!

I haven't always thought that way, though. For a long time, I thought I'd rather prefer to hang out with boys because girls are mean and two-faced. They turn against each other. They stab you in the back. They are shallow. And I didn't think this because I experienced it, but because this is what I saw on TV. This was the image the media constructed. (It had probably been constructed long before, in whatever century, in whatever books written by white men.)

A girl's rep is still kinda bad today. Stereotypes of women, who enjoy putting each other down and get into catfights all the time, are still strong.

Fuck this!

We girls are so much better than this. I've seen and experienced so much support among women. And that's what we have to do. Always. No matter what. 'Cause, ultimately, who else will stand up for us?

I honestly think that, as women, we have the responsibility to build each other up and to be empowering towards other women.

We have to stick together, gals!