The moment I realized I'm a feminist. (And you are too!)

When I was a little girl and when I was 20, I never felt I was treated differently because of my gender. I thought feminists were bitter hate-all-men die-die-die lunatics. I, for sure, didn't need feminism. 

And then, small things caught my attention: an article in the newspaper on women earning 21% less than men for the same job (in Germany!). TV presenter Charlotte Roche complaining about having to shave her legs in the morning, put on makeup and what not, while her male colleagues can just swing out the door and go for their careers. And why were girls dreaming about their weddings since kindergarten while boys were building the Lego Star Wars Rebel Squadrons (aka. working on their engineering skills)?

Some things started to feel a little off. Maybe the world needed feminism. Maybe I was a feminist, after all?


Definition of feminism:

  A belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes


The moment I really fell in love with feminism was when I discovered the amazing Missy Magazine - the German and more adult version of Rookie -. 

Missy Magazine made feminism seem cool. Feminism was pop culture. Feminism was Blossom Russo and Beyoncé. I realized: I definitely was a feminist. Always have been. (Who the fuck doesn't want equality of the sexes and doesn't like Beyoncé??)

And then: Chimamanda blew my little mind with her Ted talk. In case I still had any doubt whether I truly was a feminist or whether the world needed feminism, it was GONE after watching her talk. 

And if you're one of thoooose who believes in equality of the sexes, but doesn't feel comfortable with the term "feminism" (hate-all-men-die-die-die), you should head over here and read what I have to say on this topic.

It's truly a shame that saying out loud that you're a feminist still comes with a stigma. That's why I've been avoiding using the word in my blog. I preferred the less-offensive term "girl power".

However, I think it's time to grow up, leave the girly girl power behind and say what I really want to say: I am a FEMINIST