An honest tour around my house - PART II

aloe vera plant cactus

More pretty pictures from around my house with pretty honest captions. As mentioned in PART I, I keep aloe vera plants around my house because I believe they purify the air. This aloe vera plant is in my office. It likes allot of watering and not too much sun. Weirdo! The cactus is believed to absorb radiation from your computer. (Never heard of that before, but apparently it is a thing here in Spain, so I got one the other day - together with dat juicy succulent plant on the left. I still need to transplant them to a proper pot.) And of couurse, there has to be an advent calendar around this time of the year.

pallet coffee table

My boyfriend made this pallet coffee table. Like, actually made it by the sweat of his brow. It's the only furniture item (or for that matter any item) that he made. It is still a big topic of conversation in family reunions (for him). I think a picture of this table is his screensaver.

Narciso Rodriguez perfume

I put this perfume on my dresser just for the picture. Everything for the picture. I don't particularly like it. The scent is a tiny bit unpleasant or maybe just too unusual for a female perfume. Rather masculine I would say. I remember buying it for its unique smell in the first place, and now here it waits for me to love it.

pottery vases ceramics

Now, the combination ceramics + vase really gets me. I bought these two in a second hand shop in Germany where you can also buy turntables, beer mugs and evening gowns.

aloe vera plant

Yep, I cannot get enough of them. This  baby aloe vera plant lives in our bedroom. The shell bowl is pretty and (therefore?) I don't use it.


My clothes are - err, let's call it - strategically placed on chairs, mirrors and sofas around the house. (You cannot see the mess because I coincidentally only took detail shots.) This scarf is a rather recent purchase and part of a larger & Other Stories haul.


Whooops! Surprised this one as he came out of the shower! Sorry for the blurriness. This actually was a true snapshot.

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