An honest tour around my house - PART I

"Oh, this looks soo beautiful." Yeah, it does! (If you enhance light and contrast.) But not all that glitters is copper. Read on about my useless vases collection, a desk lamp that is pretty, but not very good and a fat cat that scratches my chairs. I read somewhere that aloe vera plants are especially good for purifying the air. So I got three of them. This one is actually huge and sits next to the TV in our living room. I sometimes cut off a leaf and apply the gel to my skin. I makes go away zits, redness and heartache (maybe).

I am literally obsessed with vases (or empty glass bottles for that matter). I keep buying them because you never know when you need yet another vase. I think I used one. Once. I don't particularly like cut flowers. Yep, I make this much sense.

I keep the glass vases on this shelf. Which I painted with chalk paint - because this was the thing to do back then (i.e. last year).

You cannot sit on this chair, it is too frail and the basketwork is all scratched by this cat that lives in my house.

It still looks kinda pretty, though, doesn't it?

This is one of my favorite useless vases. It is month-blown. (Yeah, I don't know whether this is true. But it has a unique shape. Every vase is different. That's what the IKEA package said, at least.)

I didn't like this desk lamp in the beginning. The light is sort of too focused, like a spot light. But the lamp is aesthetically pleasing and, therefore, I found a way to work with it. (Aww, look at tiny Adele and her messy desk in the reflection!)

black cat

This is the fat cat that lives in my house and sleeps in my bed. (Yeah, that mofo doesn't like to have his picture taken and I was already standing there for 15 minutes trying to get a good shot like a crazy cat lady. So, this is the best I could do.)

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