"Gay people are not normal because they can't have babies." *sigh* Okay, let's sit down and talk.

gay people are normal

So, the other day I had an interesting discussion about homosexuality. The other person claimed that - while being totally cool with gay people - homosexuality is not "normal". *jaw drop* Excuse me?The reasoning behind this claim was that gay couples can't procreate. And procreation is what we are designed to do. What nature wants us to do. What the normal thing to do is.

This is probably a super old argument, but for some reason, this viewpoint struck me. It was outrageous and logical at the same time. Logical because it is kinda correct. You need heterosexual sex to, like, guarantee the survival of our species. (Although science might change this in the future. Also, sex and love can be detached from one another. There are a lot of possible set-ups regarding procreation and the institution of family. But okay, let's roll with the idea.) It is a pretty heavy argument. But it is also a shitty argument.

To start with, what happens with heterosexual people who are infertile or physically challenged or who can't - or simply don't want to! - procreate for whatever reason? All these people are not normal? Only a healthy heterosexual person eager to make babies is "normal"? It depends a lot on how you define normal, but I see massive massive problems with flagging large parts of society as anomalies of nature. You basically give way to all sorts of discrimination and hatred. 

Like, NO! This is not a valid argument. Normality cannot be reduced to one's capacity of procreation. In a modern civilized society, there are so many more aspects to a (normal) life than just procreation. Your contribution to society and to the world doesn't come down to how many babies you make. Therefore, it doesn't make any sense at all to privilege heterosexual people. You cannot just value some lives more than others. How messed up is this? NO. Like, no no no!




PS: I know, I went a bit off-topic with this post. But then again, I want this blog to be as empowering as possible. Like for gay girls and for hetero girls who don't want to have kids and just for everyone!

PPS: Sorry for my weird drawing. I did my best.