Cool girls making cool music. Meet "HINDS"


I sort of have a thing for really young girlbands whose sound is on the verge of annoying. But let's go with "raw".  Let's go with "lo-fi-indie-garage-kinda-rock-pop".  (Go check out my last obsession "Girlpool" here!) But back to "Hinds". My new obsession. I honestly can become sooo fascinated (aka. borderline obsessive) with cool girls doing cool stuff.

So, "Hinds" are 4 Spanish girls making badass music in English, which I shall humbly describe as "70s rock meets Williamsburg hipster" (I have no idea).

Can we maybe first take a moment for their really cool style, though?!



But back to their main thing: da music.

And their music videos. Which are so unpretentiously cool, so unpolished and casual. I actually think what really reaallyy gets me is the whole aesthetics around their music. How it fits their look, how the videos fit their sound, how it all is a beautiful Gesamtkunstwerk.


Are you in love, yet?