Girls making great music

girls making great music

Hey, girlfriends! Wanna start off the week with some hot tunes? (Lol, sorry, this doesn't even sound like me. I'm really not that cool.) Anyway, what I was tying to say is: I though I'd make you a little playlist! ❤️ With girls-only artists. Who sing things I can relate to. Songs I find pleasing to my ear and empowering.

Okay, Bikini Kill might not be especially pleasing to the ear, but I HAD to include "Rebel Girl". I'm actually quite proud of myself that this didn't turn into a Beyoncé-only playlist. And that I managed to include some not-so-obvious female singers/bands. Like, I recently discovered Jenny Lewis and totally fell in love with her. And her new band Nice As F***.  Give it a listen!