Girls making great graphic novels

girls graphic novels

Comics are just for boys? Yeah, well, truth is there are not too many female characters around. And it doesn't get much better when it comes to graphic novels - the adult version of comic books -. The authors tend to be male and the main characters men. Doing manly things. I like the idea of graphic novels, but I've never really found many that resonated with me. However, recently, I came across some great graphic novels by female authors I absolutely loved.


Danielle de Picciotto: We Are Gypsies Now

Danielle de Picciotto: We Are Gypsies Now Graphic Novel

This is a visual diary by artist Danielle de Picciotto. She and husband Alexander Hacke from the legendary German band Einstürzende Neubauten sell (almost) everything they own and travel the world. I love reading diaries and even more so if they are beautifully illustrated. (If you're also into these kind of things, you must check out Frida Kahlo's diary. It's an artwork!)


Anke Feuchtenberger: Die Spaziergängerin (The stroller)

Anke Feuchtenberger Die Spaziergängerin Graphic Novel

This is not really a novel. I guess you could call them graphic poems or thoughts or dreams. Beautifully illustrated fragments of something that is kinda dark, kinda disturbing. Things that are a little off and that someone might observe during a stroll in town.


Geneviève Castrée: Ausgeliefert (Susceptible)

Geneviève Castrée Susceptible Graphic Novel

Here we go: a proper graphic novel. I'm very much into coming-of-age stories. And this one has it all: a broken family, boys, punk rock and first drug experiences. The loss of innocence. I love it.


Marijpol: Eremit (Hermit)

eremit graphic novel

This is the story of an elderly hermit who works as a field sales rep for a funerary service company. He's grumpy and his head is literally split because of all the inner conflicts he's had in his life. The vibe of this dystopian novel is grim, yet funny and loving.

Sorry some books are only available in German, but I hope they still gave you a little taste of what contemporary graphic novels by female authors can be like. Awesome, of course!!!! :)