Girls can fix computers. Girls can code. Girls can hack.

So why don't they??

I’ve always been rather tech savvy and got really angry when girls just refused to do anything tech related. (Like plugging the VCR to the television to watch a movie. sigh Those teenage times.) They claimed “not being good with technology”. Techie stuff is what boys do, so girls just switch off their brains or what? Boys aren't naturally tech savvy, they are just less afraid. Because everyone around them tells them that technology is a boy’s area. They are encouraged to experiment with it.

Now, let’s encourage girls!

Source: madewithcode

Source: madewithcode

Recently, there has been quite some discussion around the lack of female tech startup founders, computer engineers and app developers. And how to bring more girls into an industry that basically rules today’s the world. (Girls, get your share of that billion dollar business!)

Check out master-of-the-universe Google encouraging girls with their project Made with Code.

Or the awesome documentary Codegirl about high-school girls from around the world who enter an app developing competition.

And on the more mainstream side: The BBC 3 talent show Girls can code wants girls to “unleash the digital guru within themselves”. (Hate comments on YouTube included - of course.)