Music like ginger

"I just miss how it felt standing next to you/

Wearing matching dress before the world was big"


You know, ginger. Very peculiar taste. It is a bit sweet, but also sort of lemony and slightly peppery, even a tiny bit unpleasant.

Well, this is Girlpool. Two girls with their guitars (OK, one guitar and one bass), being sweet, being peppery, at the same time. The music is … “indie lo-fi”, I think, is the correct expression. Or “indie folk” or “lo-fi punk folk” or something along the line. Anyway, you do get some shrieking that stirs up the folky mellowness. And this combination just makes it so ooooh - brr - aaah.

And now I will stop orgasming about it and leave you some tracks (right there to the left).