Gender is a drag

gender is a drag

So, they sell this t-shirt on (Which is an overall awesome website to check out.)  And ever since I saw it, I kept thinking: Yes! Gender is a drag!

Why do we have gender-specific clothes, men's wallets and women's shoes? Why don't men wear makeup? Why do women have to shave their legs? Why do I even have to define myself as a woman? What makes a woman?

I honestly don't understand the purpose of gender norms/stereotypes/standards for society. I'm a big believer in norms that have true value for society (like, "don't kill other people"), but gender seems like such a nonsense thing. Especially this obsession with binary gender roles, which are so so sooooo definied and played off against each other. How does this serve society? 

(If I was a militant and mean feminist, I could say, these gender roles serve only men because they put them into a position of power and dominance, while putting women into a position of passiveness and weakness. And maybe that's right. However, I also understand that for procreation it might make sense to easily spot a potential partner, but COME ON! We really really don't live in the stone age, any more, where everything comes down to survival and procreation. I guess, we're "civilized" now, so... )

So, let's look forward. I believe, there can only be real progress in society if we have everyone on board. Societies in which a large amount of people feel excluded or disadvantaged, are stagnant or unstable. (Like it how I made up a sociological theory on the spot? haha But I really think it's true!!)

Let's tear down this wall!

It is so great to see that gender stereotypes are slowly breaking down, everything becomes more open, more fluid. Which is the most logical and natural thing!

We have to keep questioning all of it: why men don't wear heels, why women still do the bulk of house work, why so few men have long hair, why boys don't play with dolls. 

Let's get rid of these stupid gender norms! 

They are nonsense!