Where I find inspiration

finding inspiration

I like change. A lot. I like seeing new things, getting inspired, spicing up my life, my style, my view on the world. And, especially, since I have this blog and I have to think of new and fresh ideas - which is a bit of a lie because, really, what is truly new and fresh in this world? Everything is kinda influenced by something else. We're all recycling here. Which is totally fine. Recycling is a good thing and, in the end, ... indeed... something new emerges. - So anyway, especially since I have this blog, finding inspiration to create stuff has become even more important to me.

And I'm very particular with things that I really really like and that inspire me. I get borderline obsessive with them. If I could, I would probably eat them up to have them inside of me or something. That's sounded a bit sick. But in Brazil, "anthropophagy" (cultural cannibalism) was a proper modernist movement. (Very random fact, sorry.) So, I guess it's kinda legit to feel this way.

Okaayyy, this was a long intro. Let's get right onto the meat here. (Like a cannibal would say. Lol... Sorry, got carried away.)


rachel nguyen finding inspiration

First and foremost and always: people inspire me. (Especially girls.) I'm not afraid of staring blankly at some random girl I find very very interesting. Or stalking someone online, like really really hard. I need to know every single detail of their lives. But then again, which is no surprise I guess, I get bored and lose interest at some point. I need something new.

I've been watching a lot of YouTube lately. A lot. I especially like vlogs. (Again, because I'm very much interested in the little details of someone's lifestyle.) Rachel Nguyen recently did a "31 days of vlogging" series, which I'm obsessed with. I'm so in love with her life, her style, the pens she uses, the velvet ribbon she ties her hair up with. I find everything inspiring. Chrissstttiiine does some lovely apartment toursof her friends' homes, which makes the little voyeur inside me very happy. I also like watching interviews that are open, raw and which make me feel that I honestly got to know that person. Good example is this one with Estée Lalonde and Claire Marshall. Claire makes some rad creative videos, which I absolutely llllllove. Check out her insane "What's in my bag"!!


darling magazine finding inspiration

I looooove magazines. Especially if they are a bit different. I'm into the whole fashion-beauty-lifestyle thang (obviously *duh*), but I don't find much inspiration in mainstream magazines. They all pick up the exact same topics and talk about the same products and have the same "taste". I find it way more interesting if a magazine features brands I've never heard of before or tackles topics that are a little delicate or just has a quirky view on things. I like Darling magazine because it is a different kind of woman's magazine - more diverse and artsy and very empowering - . I also enjoy Kinfolk because of its aesthetics. Or the German Blonde magazine, which is a bit like Nylon: alternative, but not too cool for school. Just like I like it.


travel finding inspiration

Every time I travel somewhere, I absorb everything I get in touch with instantly and heavily. When I went to India, I came back with a whole new wardrobe and a singing bowl. In Hawaii, I found having a flower in my hair totally stylish and not tacky, at all. In Argentina, I was obsessed with Tango and Chacarera music. I adopt things worryingly quickly. Which is probably a flaw in my personality, but I prefer to see it as a "strong capacity for adaptation".

I know, I didn't reinvent the wheel with "People - Magazines - Travels", but I hope the examples made it a little more palpable. At least, you got to know me a little better. :)

What inspires youuuu??