How makeup & fashion make me a better feminist

I feel like every other post revolves around this topic. But then again, it is the whole point of my blog: reclaiming makeup and fashion - from whoever took these (fun and awesome) things in order to oppress women - and having fun with them! So, anyway, sorry if I’m being repetitive, but this subject is very dear to my heart and I feel I can’t emphasize it enough: YES, I can enjoy makeup and fashion AND be a feminist. It even makes me a better feminist. Because I’m reclaiming these delicate topics and turn them into something empowering.

beyoncé feminist

We have to get rid of these two mindsets:

  1. Fashion & beauty are the stereotypical interests of girls.

  2. Fashion & beauty are instruments to oppress women.

While both are valid points and most definitely the reality we live in now, I would like to change this reality.

  1. I would like to live in a world where women are actually seen as complex human beings. Where they can have an interest in fashion and beauty. But also in coding and in politics. Equally. It shouldn’t even occur to anyone that fashion is more “female” and coding more “male”.
  2. It is such a shame that miniskirts, showing cleavage and high heels have been used to objectify women and to overs-sexualise them. Let’s take ‘em back!! I like miniskirts. I want to wear them without anyone thinking that I’m a “slut”. Also makeup: I shouldn’t wear makeup because I feel pressured to put on a “perfect face”. I should wear it because it is fucking fun. Because it’s facepaint for adults and I’m fucking enjoying it. (Sorry, I don’t usually swear on this blog. But this is the one time I HAVE TO!!)

So, if someone like Beyoncé hits the stage with a tight bodysuit and behind her there’s the word “FEMINIST” popping up in big bold letters. Well, this makes perfect sense for me. She owns it. She is in charge. She’s reclaiming her body, the female body. This is a feminist moment.

And I know there are different views on this. And I get it. It is a thin line. But this is what we’re fighting for here. It should be very damn clear that a woman’s body is no one’s object no matter what clothes and how much makeup she wears.