Girls making great poetry

I like poems. And I don't mean poems like: Oh, I miss you so. / Where did you go? / No, no, no.

I mean poems that go straight to your heart, that alter your bones. (And that don't rhyme for God's sake!)

Poems like:

rupi kaur milk and honey

And I mean: that illustration, though!! 😱

The poem is from the book "Milk and Honey" by Rupi Kaur.

rupi kaur milk and honey - female poet

Rupi is 23 years old and a bestselling author. (I was doing tequila shots with 23.) And she is a feminist.

She writes things like:

trying to convince myself

i am allowed

to take up space

is like writing with

my left hand

when i was born

to use my right


-the idea of shrinking is hereditary

(Taking up space as a girl is one of my fave topics!! ❤️)


The amazing Nayyirah Waheed writes things like this in her book "salt.":

Nayyirah Waheed salt. - female poet

*Sigh*, another favorite topic of mine right here. Identity & Language. Maybe it is because I've lived in so many different countries - and because I am living in foreign(?) country right now - that these words always get to me.

Nayyirah is very mysterious. I couldn't find any picture of her online. And the book itself is so sleek and white. A blank paper.

Nayyirah Waheed salt. - female poet


Okay, after Beyonce's Lemonade, I guess just about everyone knows Warsan Shire's poetry.

I mean...

Warsan Shire teaching my mother how to give birth - female poet

It's frank, it's controversial, it's radical. I love it!!!

Warsan hasn't even published a proper book, yet, "teaching my mother how to give birth" is more of a pamphlet. Only 30 pages of poems. But all of them are gold.

Warsan Shire teaching my mother how to give birth female poet


Last, but not least (as they say), I'll leave you a video of Farah Chamma.

I saw this tiny little girl on the stage of a local poetry slam almost one year ago and she totally blew me away. Such energy. Such strength. She touched my heart. She altered my bones.