Sunday inspiration: Eveline Hall, everyone!


Eveline Hall's life follows the amazing motto: "F** it! I'll quit my job, go to Vegas, be a showgirl and marry a Cherokee Indian!" And this is probably the best life advice you can get. Eveline quit her prestigious prima ballerina job in Hamburg and did all that. When she turned 65, she decided that it was time to start a modelling career. She is now someone you could consider a top model. She walked for Jean-Paul Gaultier during Paris Fashion Week and had her picture taken by legendary photographer Ellen von Unwerth. Just look at this:

Eveline Hall Ellen von Unwerth

She turned 70 this year and just released her first album. She is a rock singer now. (Soon, she will be on tour!) And her songs are dark and absolutely beautiful. I'll leave you some tracks here as a soundtrack to this post:

Is this a life worth telling, or what? It is, Eveline figured, and published her autobiography a few years ago. The book's biggest takeaway isn't meant to be "Wow, what a woman!", but "I can do this, too!" You can be a 70 year old single (yeah, the marriage didn't work out), who lives with her mom and be a supermodel, at the same time.

And why stop at this point? Eveline's next project is to become a fashion designer. Because she can. We all can. Let's all dare to be quitters and reinventors. Let's be Vegas showgirls and rock singers! Let's be 70 and unstoppable!