Inspirational women: An ode to Estée Lalonde

Estée Lalonde

My passion and obsession for YouTuber/Blogger/Vlogger Estée Lalonde is very real. You might have noticed. I never miss a chance to mention her in any odd blog post. She was the first YouTuber who got me into watching make-up tutorials and vlogs. And I’ll be eternally thankful for that. Brushing teeth is much more fun now. I wanted today’s post to be about an inspirational woman. I wanted to write about Emma Watson and her involvement in the UN and the #HeForShe campaign and what not. And I started do a little bit of research and... oh, let's just quickly scroll though Instagram. And my Twitter feed. And Snapchat - just super quick -. Let's be honest here, I wasn't really feeling it and I was looking for distractions. What could I really write about Emma Watson that wasn't out there already? And while I was watching Estée's Snapchat stories, I thought: the inspirational woman I really want to write about is right here in front of me. She doesn’t speak in front of the UN (not yet), but she reaches so many girls and she shares this awesome and inspiring message!

Estée Lalonde

Just look at her and her badass style, looking odd and fashionable at the same time. Isn't she adorable?

Estée's a super successful beauty-fashion-lifestyle YouTuber, but instead of just "producing" one tutorial video after the other with guaranteed clicks and likes, she takes chances. She's not afraid to say that she's a FEMINIST. (And I can't even believe that saying out loud that you're a feminist still, yes still!! comes with a stigma.) But girls like Estée are contributing a huge deal to making feminism mainstream. And I use mainstream in the very best sense of the word. Because if feminism never becomes mainstream, what are we even fighting for here?

She talks about periods and boobs and fancy post-poop drops. She doesn't edit out every blooper, every inappropriate joke, every stupid remark. Her videos aren't all neat and tidy. You can really feel the person she is. She's real. (As the kids say.)

Last year, she started this awesome series "Breakfast with..." where she's heaving breakfast with 🤗 girls she finds inspiring. You have!! to watch (I think it was the first one) Breakfast with Claire Marshall. The way it is filmed, Estée's questions, the whole vibe to the video, everything is so - interesting! I think this sums up Estée's work pretty well. She makes things interesting. Twists things up a bit, takes photos from an unusual angle, chooses topics off the beaten path.

And if that dreaded camel toe shows in her video, she just friggin' puts a taco emoji over it. She's funny. I like her.

Check out Estée YouTube channel and her vlog channel and her blog!

Whom are you inspired by?