Dr. Hauschka foundation review


I was just browsing the natural cosmetics section of a pharmacy the other day, idly sniffing on some creams, swatching some make up and then: ba-da-boom! Dr. Hauschka foundation!!! The consistency was soo creamy. And shade no.1 fit my skin tone absolutely perfectly. "Mine it will be!" I thought and bought it spontaneously. My first impression proved to be right. This foundation is perfection!!! (For me at least, 'cause you know, when it comes to make up and everything else in life, personal taste differs quite a bit. I did read some rather disappointing reviews on the new formula compared to the former "Translucent Make up". I haven't tried that one, so I cannot compare. But I can assure you that the formula of the new foundation is really realllyy good.)

I'll leave you some swatches:

Dr Hauschka foundation swatches

The foundation blends beautifully and leaves a very natural looking matte finish.

I've been using it every day since I bought it and I absolutely love it. It stays on the whole day, the ingredientes are awesome - meaning it also nourishes your skin - and it, aw, it is just friggin' great, okay?

It is not super high coverage, but I guess it's buildable. For me, one thin layer works just fine to even out my skin tone.

Dr. Hauschka is an old all time favourite brand of mine, as you might know if you read this post. I feel deeply connected to their philosophy and the quality of their products is always outstanding.

Thumbs up! Go buy buy! Would recommend to my bestest bestie! (Do you need any more endorsement? Honestly, it is really good.)