The one skin care brand that heals the world (and your skin)


There is one skin care brand that is very dear to me. It was co-founded by an impressive woman, Elisabeth Sigmund, and its mission is nothing less than "to support the healing of humanity and the earth".

Bow down to Dr. Hauschka!

The company is based near my hometown, Stuttgart, Germany and over the years, I’ve probably tried most of their product range.

Right now, I am using their Revitalising Day Cream, which I sometimes mix with the Soothing Mask (great great product, btw!!).

All their products are certified organic. There are no outrageous claims nor miraculous overnight wonders. But if the soothing mask says it soothes, it does sooth. Darn good.

All ingredients are of outstanding quality and, whenever possible, sourced from biodynamic or organic farms. (And you know how much I value brands that source organic quality ingredients. What do you mean, you don’t? Well, then read my post on another awesome skin care brand here. NOW.)

Dr. Hauschka is heavily based on anthroposophic principles, like respect for the natural cycles of the planet and ecologically-sustainable and socially-responsible business practices.

Are you in love, yet?